Our Service

We provide our clients with comprehensive “one stop services” ranging from Pre-entry marketing research to Post-entry operation & management for successful cross-border investment. Our main services include the following:


Mezzanine financing & Principal investment

We provide unique financing through preferred shares, or subordinated loan on either a non-recourse basis or limited-recourse basis. Our basic policy is to recover investment capital from the profits accumulated by the investee company or the project. We also make investments in companies or projects, together with Japanese co-investors, by considering all opportunities on a risk-return basis

Joint Venture Consultation

We provide all-inclusive advisory services including marketing research, financial analysis, legal documentation support, and administrative service from the beginning process of project sourcing & partner searching to management operational support until the end of the joint venture agreement.

With our cross-border network, we search and select suitable partners for both local companies and foreign companies as a professional agent. In addition, we introduce real estate-related projects in Thailand to Japanese investors in accordance to each investor’s investment objectives and criteria.

Marketing Research

To facilitate decision making across border, our service provide market research and competitor surveys by gathering on -the-field information and constantly updates throughout investment period. Accordingly, we answer specific questions our clients required, and facilitate meeting for both parties. Our marketing team are Japanese speaking, we assist investors from abroad when visiting the field and translate when communicating with local business owners.

Financial Advisory

Our services include a feasibility studies and financial analysis of the investment project to assure that our clients receive the expected IRR from the investment. With a dynamic work flow and active team, the quality and satisfaction level will be succeeded. Our clients will be assisted based on its objective and its best interest. The financial analysis will be the mean to negotiate investment strategy in order to achieve the objectives of both parties. Accordingly, as accounting guidelines differ across countries, it is crucial to be supported by the local expertise to minimize risks in terms of compliance. Our financial team works closely with the legal department in order to fill those international investment legal gap

Legal Documentation Support

Dealing with large number of legal documents for cross-border investment, we offer a local expertise to assist you with all processes by providing comprehensive, logistic support on management of legal documents including Memorandum of Understanding, Due Diligence, Term Sheet, Joint Venture Agreement, and other relevant documents. We work closely with clients and our finance team to discuss and negotiate all terms and conditions to make sure that the deal is smooth and successful

Administrative Services

Our “one-stop” professional service includes management services after the start of Joint Venture, with local hands-on management experience for necessary administrative tasks throughout the Joint Venture period to succeed in underlying business as well as achieve our client objectives.
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